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the feed mixer can be used to mix all kinds of cereal, grain, like corn, wheat, bean, and others to powder

Posted by wood pellet mill

the feed mixer can be used to mix all kinds of cereal, grain, like corn, wheat, bean, and others to powder that can make animal feed or for other process, also the feed mixer can work with small hammer mill for the crushing function at the same time, very convenient and easy to operate.
the feed mixer machine set vertical lifting, mixed bin, horizontal transporting as a whole.the feed blender is most suitable for small farmers using, and the feed mixer machine can mix and crush feed for pigs, cows, horses, rabbit, chicken, fish, dove and so on. the feed mixer machine actually designed for the rural raiser, small livestock farms and medium and small-sized feed factory,it is used with feed pellet machine for feed pellet making.the feed mixer machine is a small feed processing equipment. the feed mixer self-priming function can absorb material into crushing work tank and then crush materials. After crushing, the crushed material can go through the side pipe into the mixed mixing work tank mixed stirring the feed mixer machine is suitable for mixed powder raw material in feed factory. It can make all 

materials mix evenly and ensure the quality of the fodder.There is the wide-door or fullopened door at the bottom, make the materials convenient 

for pouring.Both ends of machine are designed double-deck, avoid to discharge materials.

The discharge outlet is controled by the pneumatic way (also dynamoelectric or manual ), make

the action more accuracy and sealing functionacting more better. In addition,the oil pipe is installed inside the machine,has the whole structure reasonable,figure beautiful,and in favor of machine operation and maintain. 

features of feed mixer machine

1.The dry powder mixer is a new type of high efficient mixing equipment .

2.Adopt the screw conveyor to outtake the material, delivery speed is fast.

3.The way to connect material is flexible,  Valve pocket and open pockets all can use.

4.Save the purchase cost of users.

5.Small investment,quick effect, apply to an individual or a small factory.   

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